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The PRO Recovery Coaching Team

Richard “Dick” Gibbs

Director/Head Coach

Richard, a pioneer in the Recovery Coaching field, as well as former professional basketball player (NBA) and college assistant basketball coach, currently serves as Director of Client Services and Head Coach of PRO Recovery Coaching Services.

Maureen Roudine, M.A., LMFT

PRO Recovery Coaching

Clinical Supervisor

Maureen, a former Treatment Program Clinical Director, provides personalized therapeutic support as well as clinical supervision for assessment and monitoring of PRO Recovery Coaching Clients.

Jessica Hoy, M.A.,

M.F.T., C.A.C.D.

With nearly a decade of experience in the human service field, Jessica provides personalized therapeutic support and supervision to PRO Recovery Coaching Clients.

Patrick Singer, BS, CAS-II

Director of PRO Recovery Coaching Companion Services

Patrick, a former Program Director for several treatment facilities, serves as Director of PRO Recovery Coaching Companion Services.

Brenda Gold

PRO Recovery Coaching

Wellness and Life Coach

Brenda, with over two decades of experience supporting the transformation of countless individuals, serves as PRO Recovery Coaching’s Wellness and Life Coach.

Jeryl Thompson

PRO Recovery Coaching and Business Management Consultant

Jeryl serves as a consultant for integrity of recovery support and business management.