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“PRO Recovery Coaching and Richard Gibbs, the recovery whisperer, taught me to put my best foot forward in all situations. Where at once I approached life from a place of fear and doubt, I now engage each day with anticipation of things to come. Although I began the program to deal with issues of addiction, I now apply the course teachings to everyday living: work, love, and health goals. Today I only fear where I would be without The PRO Game of Life Management System.”

Garret R. - Movie Industry

“I had been spiraling out of control for a number of years and it seemed as if there was no hope of regaining the excitement for life I once felt. Other programs seemed not to work and I had come to believe that it just wasn’t in the cards for a guy like me. Then I was introduced to Richard Gibbs and The PRO Game transformational recovery coaching process. Richard’s gentle presence and confident attitude allowed me to trust as he guided me through a journey of self-discovery that has not only supported me to be clean and sober, but has taught me to accept life on life’s terms. My family and I are truly grateful!” 

Greg F - Retired NBA Player

“My life is blessed in so many ways today and I know that I could not be making this statement without giving much credit to Richard Gibbs and The PRO Game of Life Management System. This 28 day recovery coaching process is very thorough and with the guidance from Richard, I was able to uncover and heal patterns in my thinking process that were sabotaging my progress in life! Richard and The PRO Game process helped me to become honest with myself and uncover "The Truth" about who I am and how I really did have the power to make healthy choices for myself. Now I continue to use the techniques I learned in my everyday life and I am Healthier and Happier than I have ever been, I am grateful each and every day for Richard Gibbs and for the recovery coaching process he created called The PRO Game!”

Dr. Marsha M - Dentist

“The work that Richard took me through allowed me to identify the pieces within my thinking process that were sabotaging my life; the parts of me that were out of alignment with my real Self. The work was actually fun because the results would appear to show up in a positive way in my immediate life. So, I was willing to move forward because there was something positive waiting, once I would do the next step.

If you’re willing to look at your LIFE honestly and have a real desire for changing what is NOT working... Then you have come to the RIGHT place. I have personally been through many programs that didn't have any real impact to change my life. So when I met Richard I asked lots of questions, and he had what I sensed were the answers that I was looking for. I will be forever grateful for my decision to work with Richard. It really changed my LIFE!”

Ananda E - Life Coach