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PRO Recovery Coaching Support Options

The PRO Game Experience: Personalized Recovery Coaching to Fit You

PRO Recovery Coaching offers transformational recovery coaching and support options designed to meet your specific needs at each stage of the addiction recovery process. With that in mind, many of the recovery coaching programs below can be offered together or individually to provide highest quality of private and/or group recovery coaching support available; from 30 days to 1 year in length.

PRO Recovery Coaching’s Support Options:

  1. Pre-Treatment Interventions

  2. Recovery Companion Services 

  3. Private Recovery Coaching

  4. Group Recovery Coaching

  5. Family Recovery Coaching

  6. Self - Discovery Workshops  

Proactive Recovery Options = Positive Recovery Outcomes!

Under the supervision of a licensed therapist, our highly qualified recovery coaches provide a personalized strategy and specific recovery coaching system for each stage of the addiction recovery process; foundational recovery coaching, transitional recovery coaching and life recovery coaching. In addition we have created a unique recovery coaching support structure for the family healing process.

Brief Overview of PRO Recovery Coaching Options:

Foundational Recovery Coaching- Recovery Coaching designed to support the initial stage of the addiction recovery process.

Some of the areas of recovery coaching focus are: clarification of foundational recovery concepts, connection to a healthy recovery routine, identification of a healthy recovery support structure, development of healthy recovery practice habits, increased awareness of relapse patterns and implementation of goals that target development of a healthy self.

Transitional Recovery Coaching- To support the recovery plan developed in the earlier stages of addiction treatment, we offer transitional recovery coaching.

Transitional Recovery Coaching is designed to support and stabilize clients during the transitional process by helping them to stay focused on implementation of recovery goals while engaging in life’s daily activity. The PRO Recovery Coaching process pays close attention to identifying and shifting the destructive patterns that often lead to relapse. We continue to monitor and reinforce the positive and constructive patterns of feelings and thoughts that will support a healthy recovery process and connection to life.

Life Mastery Recovery Coaching- This level of recovery coaching is designed specifically for the recovering person who has a healthy recovery foundation yet is not fully connected to life.

This system reinforces clarity and deepens the commitment to expanding foundational recovery. Clients discover a purposeful life direction and an increased sense of well-being.

Family Recovery Coaching- This Recovery Coaching System is designed specifically for the family and runs parallel to the client’s addiction recovery process.

By the time an addicted person reaches a point where they are seeking treatment, the devastating effects of addiction have begun to wreak havoc on the family system. We believe that it is essential to provide treatment not only to the addicted person but to the family as well. Through unique, personalized daily coaching support and family therapy sessions, the family will have the opportunity to take part in various stages of the recovery process with a focus on the family and the relationship with the recovering person. Here are just some of the issues we will be addressing:

  1. How to Take Care of “Self”

  2. Enabling & Codependence

  3. How to Set & Maintain Appropriate Boundaries

  4. Healthy Communication Techniques

  5. Awareness of Addictive Behavior Patterns & Appropriate Responses

  6. Do’s & Don’t of Supporting the Recovering Person