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Dick Gibbs: A Compelling Story of Trauma and Triumph


Somewhere between taking his first line of cocaine and standing shaken with a .45-caliber handgun pushed into the side of his forehead, a bright and promising professional basketball career dissipated into the wayside. For five-year NBA veteran Dick Gibbs, a painful addiction drove him to 22 tumultuous years tangled in a web of crime, drugs, violence, poverty and hopelessness. Losing all sense of connection to his family, friends and teammates, Gibbs entered a dark world of self-loathing misery that had no glimmer of light…that is, until an earth shattering moment of clarity allowed him to find the inner strength to make a comeback. A comeback to say the least.


Getting Out From Under

A former NBA player finds his calling after more than 20 years of drug and alcohol addiction.


LONG BEACH - At the corner of the Best Western Golden Sails Hotel parking lot, near where the Los Cerritos Channel runs beneath Pacific Coast Highway, Dick Gibbs jammed his hands deep into the front pockets of his blue jeans and walked the rutted seaside path toward his darkest past.

"It's here," Gibbs said the other day, pointing to the dark, narrow cave formed by a banked apron of dirt beneath the bridge. "This is where I laid out my cardboard and fell asleep to the passing cars."

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