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About PRO Recovery Coaching

PRO Recovery Coaching proudly offers The PRO Game of Life Management System™

Our PRO Game Life Management System meets you where you are and guides you to where you want to be; offering innovative and powerful transformational living principles and practices. It is geared toward recovering individuals seeking meaningful techniques and support to reinforce the growth and change necessary to sustain a lifelong healing process. Through our comprehensive transformational recovery coaching and education process, anyone who is willing to learn can acquire and develop the tools needed to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction

The PRO Game System: Transformational Recovery Coaching, Education, and Action

  1. Allows Personal Choice

  2. Aligns Character Strengths and Values with Daily Action

  3. Clarifies and Implements Recovery Intentions

  4. Supports Focused Application of Recovery Concepts

  5. Identifies Recovery Road Blocks

  6. Supports Daily Life Skill Acquisition

  7. Develops Self-Responsibility and Self-Accountability

  8. Supports Self-Awareness, Self-Clarity and Self-Honesty

Transformational Recovery Coaching

PRO Transformational Recovery Coaching is a proactive process that experientially integrates recovery education, implements recovery intentions and realizes therapeutic goals. The purpose and power of Transformational Recovery Coaching is to create the necessary support to engage and manage clients, keeping them focused on daily purposeful action. The recovery coaching system:

  1. Identify and Deepen the Personal Surrender Process

  2. Experience the Freedom that comes from Letting Go of Disempowering Beliefs

  3. Improve Communication and Personal Relationships

  4. Develop Motivation, Focus and Direction that Supports Passionate, Purposeful Living

  5. Be Guided through the Process of Accessing a Personal Spiritual Awakening

  6. Identify Purpose and Mission

Transformational Recovery Education

Our PRO Transformational Recovery Educational curriculum is designed to support the inner work that reinforces a healthy recovery foundation and accelerates the development of a healthy relationship with self and life.