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The PRO Recovery Coaching Team

Maureen Roudine, M.A., LMFT

PRO Recovery Coaching Clinical Supervisor

Ms. Roudine is a Licensed Marriage and Family Psychotherapist, specializing in personal empowerment and whole-person transformations. For well over a decade her extensive education, wealth of experience, authentic essence and passion for what she does, has allowed her to skillfully facilitate emotional healing and help individuals to enrich and empower themselves and their relationships. She earned her Master's Degree from Trinity College and has a solid background in teaching, social work, business and life coaching, eating disorders, spirituality and pastoral counseling, and psychotherapy, with an emphasis on dual diagnoses, mood disorders, and addiction issues. Maureen has been a guest speaker on the subject of addictions in all its forms, and covered other such topics as self-esteem, the value of teamwork, healing family-of-origin wounds, as well as emotional, spiritual, and physical health, fitness and well-being.

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