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The PRO Recovery Coaching Team

Jeryl brings his passion for life, music, sports and recovery to his role as a consultant to the PRO Recovery Coaching Team. With nearly 20 years of dedicated commitment serving the needs of others, Jeryl has supported countless individuals to change the course of their life. He is president of LTP Entertainment, a full service music production and development company that focuses on personal and professional skill development for young entertainers seeking to enhance their career in the music industry. He also specializes in personal development for baseball players vying for a career as a professional athlete. Jeryl’s success has been tried and proven by countless musicians and artists enjoying careers in the music business, as well a number of players who have been signed to contracts with professional teams. Jeryl’s role as consultant to PRO Recovery Coaching is to support the integrity of PRO Recovery Services and Business practices.

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Jeryl Thompson

PRO Recovery Coaching and Business Management Consultant